Friday, July 31, 2015

The Endometrium: Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Perspectives, 2nd Edition (Reproductive Medicine & Assisted Reproductive Techniques)

The first edition of The Endometrium was a landmark publishing event in reproductive biology and medicine. Many important developments have occurred in the field, and this new edition has been substantially updated and expanded to include new topics with an improved format.

With the addition of several new authors and topics, the Second Edition of The Endometrium has developed new coverage of transcriptomics, stem cells, genetics and in-utero programming. Other new areas strengthen to include: placentology in human and animal models, taking account of the tremendous current interest in the maternal-fetal interface and its role in pregnancy pathology, neonatal and adult health. The layout has also been improved in order to aid browsing and cross-referencing.

This is an invaluable up-to-date innovative text that will appeal to a worldwide spectrum of academic and professional readers including postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers in reproductive biology. As well as trainees and health care professionals in obstetrics and gynecology and allied disciplines such as assisted reproduction and oncology. A panel of internationally respected authors has been carefully chosen for their insight, clear, fair writing style and scholarly perspective.


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